7 Best Tips to Select a Corporate Catering Service

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Finding the perfect caterer to handle your company’s events can feel like an overwhelming task. You want high-quality food that impresses your team and clients, adheres to all dietary needs, and fits within your budget. Rather than getting lost in the details, focus your search by prioritizing these key considerations:

Cuisine Style That Aligns to Company Culture

Start by contemplating the general cuisine style that best represents your company ethos and appeals to employee tastes. Corporate catering menus run the gamut from upscale nouvelle options to down-home BBQ spreads. Finger foods keep things casual for office lunches while plated dinners suit formal occasions.
If your workforce skews younger, they may appreciate trendy fusion dishes. Tech companies often opt for creative sushi menus. More traditional corporations may prefer classic continental offerings. And businesses with international offices need caterers adept at serving local flavors globally.

Above all, ensure the catering adequately reflects your company culture and vision. The menu and service style should feel like an organic extension of your brand.

Catering Partners Attuned to Special Dietary Needs

Today’s inclusive workplaces require corporate catering that accommodates myriad dietary restrictions. Meet with potential caterers to assess their experience adapting menus for religious needs, allergies, intolerances and preferences.

Can they deftly transform dishes to be vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free? What about low-sodium or low-sugar options? Ask specifically how they avoid cross-contamination for common allergens like shellfish and nuts.

Caterers who proactively address special diets, modify individual plates and communicate ingredients demonstrate sensitivity that helps every guest feel comfortable.

Service Models That Suit Your Events

Clarify the typical size, setting and service style needs for your corporate events. Intimate meetings of the executive board in your office’s boardroom will likely necessitate a more formal plated dinner. However, a company-wide anniversary bash outdoors on your corporate campus calls for a buffet, food stations or passed apps that allow guests to graze casually.

Discuss how potential caterers transform their cuisine and service between formats like receptions, luncheons, working meals and galas. Define any must-haves like full bar service or passed champagne toasts to narrow options.

Budget Parameters and Proposal Transparency

Be transparent from the outset about your corporate catering budget for various events. Reputable caterers will then tailor proposals to meet your pricing parameters, rather than try to push over-budget options. Ask for itemized quotes outlining costs for food, service, rentals, staff and taxes.

Wary of sticker shock on the day of an event? Seek contracted all-inclusive per person rates that fix costs upfront. Also inquire about discounts for large recurring orders, when possible.

By outlining your priorities first, you can zero in on corporate caterers that best match your organizational culture, events and budget. This approach is far more effective than sorting through a sea of vendors that may not suit your needs. With criteria driving the search, you’re sure to find fulfilling catering that adds flavor to your company functions.