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Catering is not just all about food. It’s about excellent service as well

Procat – ‘Professional Catering Services’ provider in the UAE since 2002. A decade of understanding the needs of our most discerning clients and providing unique food service solutions that suit every budget. We keep it simple yet very effective. Passion for success is our driving force

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    Why Choose Us

    We prioritize service excellence and aim to please our customers. That’s why we’re the right choice for you – great food, even greater service… anywhere, anytime.

    Experienced chefs

    Our team of experienced chefs are trained to prepare fresh and tasty meals catering to every cuisine, palate and preference.

    Well trained team

    A trained team of staff available to facilitate a smooth and seamless catering experience.

    24/7 Support

    Round-the-clock assistance and support to cater to your every whim, and attend to your requirements and queries.

    State of the art kitchen

    Our extensive facilities allow us to produce upwards of 100,000 meals per day over three shifts.