Staff & Labor Accommodation Catering

Staff & Labor Accommodation catering

Providing catered meals to labour and staff accommodation.

Here at ProCat, we understand the importance of satisfying, wholesome and delicious meals intended to nourish and energize labour and staff in their accommodations. This is sure to boost morale and lift spirits, while staff share meals in their accommodation. Our cuisine & meal requirements can be personalized and tailored to individual requirements as needed.


We can oversee and ensure first-class camp catering services throughout the long working days, from fully-managed camps to tailored solutions that fit your budget. Our food service providers can deliver the most delicious and nutritious meals thanks to our extensive capabilities and resources.


Our well-equipped, fully staffed kitchens can meet your company’s meal requirements every day, whether we are providing remote labor camp catering for workers or not. Furthermore, we can quickly and efficiently adapt to your organization’s changing needs and customize our operations, taking into account your budget, location, working conditions, shift schedules, and the dietary needs of your workforce.

Gourmet prepared meals delivered to your door!

We understand that you are hungry when you get home from work, and a hearty, nutritious meal can satisfy your hunger. Our catering team has created delectable catering packages to suit all budgets and tastes while providing first-rate service. We cater to changing tastes and trends, ensuring that your workforce is happy.

"What really turned me over was the ability to understand how everything works without any prior knowledge."
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