Budget friendly catering ideas for corporate events

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If you are having a corporate event approaching soon and some smart and budget-friendly catering ideas are just not making their way to you, no worries! Here we are gonna let you know some of the best catering choices to make your event a feastful one while making sure that your pockets do not go loose!

Corporate Catering Dubai

When it comes to the most affordable yet amazing Corporate Catering Services in Dubai, there are some wise options to go ahead with and serve the purpose – the following are some of the catering ideas that will promise an outstandingly in-budget experience:


When you read buffets, you may visualise so many different dishes and wonder how this is an affordable option – but to your surprise, buffets are the most cost-effective option and this is the reason you will find most corporate events will have buffets.

Coffee Bar

At every corporate event, the guests will often indulge in discussions and pretty long chats – and having a coffee bar amid their talks, will just complement the event. Also, putting a coffee bar won’t hamper your pockets, instead, it will provide an aspect for the guests to look out for.

Dessert & Confectioneries Spot

From fancy pastries to different kinds of confectioneries, having a dessert spot will just make your event a delicious charmer – as everybody has a sweet tooth, isn’t it? About the economics involved, desserts and confectioneries won’t be a big rock. This is definitely an option that must be considered by corporate event organisers.

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Go For Indian Cuisine

Considering the awesome taste level of Indian cuisine and its pocket-friendly aspect, this can also be a great addition to your corporate event’s food range. To know how mouth-watering and low-cost Indian dishes can light up your corporate event, check out Procat for catering in UAE.