Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Catering Company in UAE

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You really want your event to hit all the right notes and stand out as a grand success – and to attain this, the food served to your guests has to be a blockbuster one! Though making an event successful requires an all-round performance, one thing that can single-handedly garner positive responses and turn the tables for you is those beautifully exhibited and tempting delicacies presented before the guests.


This all might have already started sounding very mouth-watering but to achieve this, you have to get the top catering services onboard and before you finalise any of them, make sure to ask them a few relevant questions.


Q1. “As professionals, what are your recommendations?”


Receiving the answer to this question shall give you a better understanding of their experience and expertise. The seasoned caterers will present detailed recommendations based on several aspects like the number of guests expected, your budget, the motto of the event, etc.


Q2. “Will you be providing menu tasting?”


This is important as it gives you a direct food experience and lets you decide whether it’s working as per your event requirements or not. Though professional caterers offer menu tasting, they often charge for this – do remember to ask about the charges too!


Q3. “If my guests convey any dietary preferences at the last minute, how will you manage?”


It’s very likely to happen that a guest (or a couple of them) may let you know their dietary preferences at the very last minute. So, it’s better to know what the caterer has planned for such a situation. An experienced caterer will provide a very realistic, feasible, and strategic plan for this – be all ears at this one.


Q4. Does your catering package charge extra for wait staff?


In that busy event when the catering unit is busy with their stuff, having wait staff proves to be a blessing. But you must gain clarity whether the catering package includes the charges of wait staff or an extra amount will be added.


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